Sunday, 15 May 2011

Breakfast With Roti Canai

My parents went to Kedah yesterday, they are coming back today, perhaps in the evening.
So, this morning, I have to seek for my breakfast myself.

At about 7.30 a.m., I went downstairs to start my breakfast hunting.
It was really a long time that I didn't hunt for breakfast myself, especially during Sunday.
My parents go market on Sunday and normally they will buy breakfast for me from the market.

While breakfast hunting, I recalled something.
Last time, during school holidays, I used to have breakfast with my friends almost everyday.
Even if we planned just to buy the breakfast and went back home for having it, we will also meet up together and buy together.
As I grow, I don't do it so often.
This year so far, I think the number of time I have breakfast with friend is no more than 10 or even 5 times.
Does it means that I have no much friends that I can spend time together with now?

Okay, back to the breakfast hunting.
I remembered that last time at 7.30a.m., there were already a number of stalls waiting us to be their customer.
But this morning, it seems like there were just few stalls.

I don't know what should I buy.
At the end, I buy Roti Canai that I used to eat last time.

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