Saturday, 21 May 2011

22 Working Days To Go To Finish My Practicum

Finally, it's the final month of my practicum.

Still long to go?
Haha. I want to say it's still long to go.

Long time I didn't post about my practicum, here is it again.

Yesterday, my boss ask me one critical question.
He asked me whether want to continue working in the firm or not.
I told him I am leaving Penang for 3 months once after my practicum end.
He told me that he could raise my paid if I want to continue.
Well, for me, it's not the matter of paid, it's the matter I want or not.
I feel quite tired of such life anymore. I want my life back.
I posted previously on my plan after my practicum, and I believe I will stick to the plan.
I am going to live in the way I want to!

My boss asked me to consider and let him know if I want to continue.
Perhaps, I won't say that it's impossible for me to stay in the firm.
Just, the possibility may be as low as 1%.

Why should we continue the path which we hate and suffer,
while we actually have the choice to walk in the journey we wish to?


  1. After Practicum, i think you really need a break. It's time to relax and after that then think of the future.

  2. Haha. Ya, completely agree with you!