Saturday, 21 May 2011

No Badminton, But Great Eastern's Talk

It's Friday again, a moment that I like.
In the past few weeks, Friday nights were my badminton night.
However, there is no badminton this Friday.
My friends are going to Cameron Highland 3 and half hour later.
So, they all better chose to rest before departure.
I didn't join them, so I have to find myself some activities for this weekend.

Last night, Sean invited me to attend a talk in Gurney Hotel.
I accepted it.

After my work, before Sean fetched me, I went to Greenlane's McD to have coffee and an apple pie.

Here is the ticket for the talk.
It's hosted by Great Eastern, the insurance company.

We have some food before the talk started.

The talk started at 8 o'clock.

Is the talk great? Just a normal talk.
We left the talk at 10 o'clock.
Surprisingly, I met Kenny over there, a friend who is departing to Cameron Highland soon.

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