Monday, 2 May 2011

Another Great Weekend With My Primary Schoolmates

Last week's practicum ended with a bad day.
But luckily, I have a group of wonderful friends who make my weekend wonderful.

After I had bad day on Friday in my work, I went for badminton on that night.
I initially planned to get back to home then waiting for my friend to fetch me to badminton court.
Unfortunately, I couldn't manage to get myself a bus to back home.
Then, I decided not to back home, and got to the badminton right away.

I asked my friend to go my home to get my things for me.
Then, I started walking from my office there to Riffle Range.
Yea, I walked there.

While walking, my mood was very down due to my practicum.
I told myself, "I am going to play until I am completely exhausted!"
I wished to express my feeling through badminton.

At the end of day, I didn't feel completely exhausted. My hands and legs were shaking.
But, I enjoy the game so much!

Thanks to one of my friends. She invited the uncle to join us for a game.
She then partnered with the uncle while I partner with our friend.
That is the greatest game I played in these few years time I guess.
It's so excited!
The feeling is like fish going back to the sea.

We lost that game and the uncle played with us again for second game.
He changed partner.
And this time, we lost terribly.
I lost, but I felt so satisfied.
I totally didn't regret for joining them for badminton!

At the end of day,
although I didn't feel completely exhausted, my energy was consumed a lot.
The last few matches, I couldn't really make any smash.
I didn't have much energy to hit the shuttle anymore.

I told myself, I am going to train my energy!

After the badminton, we went for coffee shop for some chats.
We chatted for about one hour I guess.

The second day, the Saturday, we had event again.
We watched two movies, had our dinner and playing cards.
And we back home late.

Yesterday, the Sunday, we had event again!
Initially, we planned to go Penang Hill.
But then, we postponed it.
Then we gathered in our friend's house to play cards.
After playing games, we had some chats.
Again, it was another great day.

I love my primary schoolmates so much!
They make my weekend wonderful!

Again, may our friendship lasts forever!

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