Saturday, 7 May 2011

Final Countdown For Penang Barcamp 2011

Penang Barcamp 2011 is getting near! It's now less than one week to go.
I am feeling so excited. I believe I will learn a lot of things in the Barcamp.

Let see what topics have been proposed.

1. Is Investment Risky?

2. How To Increase Traffic With Bad Publicity Technique

3. How To Organize An Event Of Youth Jam Scale

4. Building Large Content Website With Joomla!

5. How I Earn a Full Time Income With Internet

6. Are You Ready for Employment or Entrepreneurship?

7. Raising Awareness On Tuberculosis & Curbing Its Spread

8. Who Wants To Fund My Idea?

9. How Green Lung Promote Tobacco Control?

10. Optimal Health

11. Supercharge Your Wordpress Into A Full-fledged Application With Joget Workflow Under 30 Minutes

12. Flora Design And Caring

13. Geoweb & Location Data Aggregation

14. Why You Act The Way You Do

15. You Can Change The World By Volunteering

16. Talk, Shoot and Share. Everything About DSLR

17. The Evolution

Is there any topic that you feel interested?

So far, there are 112 registered to attend. There are 78 tickets remaining.
If you are interested, let's join us. Register HERE.

By the way, I am also one of the person that going to share about something.
My topic is "Is Investment Risky?"
How you think? Is investment risky?
You will know how I think on this topic in coming Saturday!

Let's make this event successful, sharing is caring! Cheers!

For more details, you may visit Penang Barcamp's blog.

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