Tuesday, 3 May 2011

I Should Control My Spending Again

My spending habit is getting high now.
In this year, I have bought a lot of things, a lot of expensive items.
Let's see what have I bought.

1. Pendrive (perhaps this is not too expensive)
2. External hard disk
3. Yonex badminton racket
4. Sport shoe

Perhaps for many people, these aren't expensive.
But for me, it's already expensive.

Besides, I bought others things like cards and shuttlecocks.
If I sum it all up, it would be another big amount.

If I don't control myself, I may continue my items hunting.

Smart phone...



I should control myself again.

I made a decision now.
From this month (May 2011) onwards,
I am going to freeze 50% of the any income I earn and put into my investment.

I hope I could really able to control myself.

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  1. HAHA ic.. nvm der ma. can ignore some msg. some are spammer. @@ HAHA. okay nor. then when u intern u will be busy n not updating blog often?