Sunday, 22 May 2011

Somethings She Bought For Me

My lovely girlfriend went to Langkawi Island and Hatyai.
She bought me somethings for me.
She was in UUM fighting for her exam.
We could only meet after her exam.
So, she asked her friend to take it to me.

Today, I finally free to get it from her friend.

These are what she have bought for me.

Let's take a close look.

2 packets of chocolates.
I haven't start eating it yet. I keep it in refrigerator.

She bought me a shirt, a nice shirt!

I like this shirt very much!

See it?

It's L, from Death Note.
A character that I admire in that animation.
L is so clever and I wish to be like him.

A nice notebook she bought for me.
She wrote something inside.

She wish me to be happy always.
I wish that I can be like that too.

Thank to her, I appreciate so much!