Sunday, 22 May 2011

Batteries For My Camera

I went to Sunshine Farlim to search for 'food' for my camera.

During the PC Fair, I was asked to buy a set of rechargeable battery.
But, because I didn't have much cash, I decided not to buy.

These are the batteries given during I purchased my camera.

Then, the batteries were finally exhausted few days ago.

Because of I didn't have much cash on hand, I decided to buy normal batteries first.
I was going to wait for my next salary to buy the rechargeable batteries.

Unfortunately, these batteries disappointed me.
The batteries were exhausted after I used it for not more than 10 minutes.

I know it couldn't last for long.
But, I never expected that it could exhaust in such a short time!

I feel like I wasted the money to buy the batteries.

Yesterday, I finally went Sunshine Farlim with my best friend to buy the rechargeable batteries.
I actually plan to buy the GP ReCyko, but it wasn't sold there.
Only Energizer batteries were sold there.
So, no choice, I bought them.


  1. the rechargeable batteries are indeed comes in handy but kinda expensive...

  2. Ya. It's handy but expensive. It cost me RM68, and I bought additional 2 batteries, cost me RM45.