Wednesday, 22 June 2011

My Practicum (1)

Look at the photo.
It is a very messy table, isn't it?

Where is it?

Honestly, it is my seat in the firm I have my practicum in.

Opps, no no.
It should be, 'it WAS my seat in the firm I HAD my practicum in.'

Let's congratulate me for finishing my internship!

Today, I no longer to go work at the messy seat anymore.
Haha. It's really messy ya.
I used to be complained by my colleague, Ong, on my messy table.
His table and mine were really different.
His table is tiny.
Sometimes I asked him, 'how can you keep your table to remain tiny?'
He did asked me back too, 'how can you work in a messy table?'

Perhaps, I need a larger table.

One question, do I miss my practicum life?

Seriously, I do actually feel a little bit missing it, especially some of the moment together with my colleagues.
(I will post more about it, I guess I will post up to 10 posts on 'My Practicum')
My colleagues were actually asking me to stay in the firm longer.
However, they know also that it's impossible.
I had been waiting for so long for today, the day of leaving my firm.
I seriously feel very stressful working over there.
I think I will go crazy if I continue.
Is it so serious? For me, it is.
This job isn't suitable for me.

During my practicum, I couldn't focus on my investment.
I used to be out-dated.
Never mind, it's over now.
Today, LuPorTi is back to stock market again!

I guess I feel so excited of it.
Last night, I couldn't really sleep.
This morning, I woke up very early, and it's hard for me to sleep back again.
I am too excited, ain't I?

Well, stop here first, more update about my practicum next time.


  1. Haha. Thanks!
    Deonne, not yet. I have to do my practicum report for submission first.

  2. I still have my presentation ahhh ~ But I ady submitted my report to my supervisor. =="

  3. Haha. For this one, I am luckier than you, I don't need to present. If not, it really waste my time to take bus going back to my university.