Monday, 6 June 2011

Jasemaine Gan - Share The Love

Who is Jasemaine Gan?

She is a songwriter who begins her songwriting journey in year 2002.

A lot of singers are well-known by the public.
But, how may people care about the songwriters?
Sometimes, I feel like it's unfair to the songwriters, don't you?

Back to Jasemaine.

I didn't know her until I listen to her song, Share The Love, just now.
Well, it's quite a nice song. That's why I talk about her here.
Her interest in songwriting is triggered by the famous Jay Chou.
She have ever written song for Fish Leong, Michael Wong, Valen Hsu and Fahrenheit.

Click here to listen to her song, SHARE THE LOVE.

She sang along with 50 kids from Harvest Center.

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  1. ya many ppl wont care about the songwriter behind the songs...