Saturday, 31 July 2010

My Blog Viewer

My blog isn't interesting.
I understand that.

I am wondering how many friends of mine view my blog frequently.
I guess the number is small.
I did ask myself before.
Why do I keep blogging in the case where there is low or even no visitor?
Should I keep updating my blog?

Yea, I should.
May be it's meaningless for me to update without visitor.
I can try to improve my English through blogging.
I can use blog as a platform to express my feeling.

to those who visit my blog frequently,
I do really appreciate you all.
Thank you very much!


  1. yea u should.
    dont stop kay.
    your an interesting person
    and superb inspiring!

  2. Okay. I will continue to post.
    You too ya.
    Let's us become a good blog writers.
    Jolene, thank you for supporting my blog.