Tuesday, 20 April 2010

I Can Online Again

After I back from Penang on 17th April,
I failed to online.
I didn't know what happened.
I able to surfed on net when I was on the bus.
So I thought it's just the problems of the area.
The sky was cloudy and it started to rain thereafter.
During the evening,
it rained cats and dogs.
I thought it's because of the weather.

I asked my friend.
The other side hostel area was able to online.
So, I thought it was my area that couldn't online.

I did think that it was because the problem of my broadband or maybe because I hadn't paid they bill it.
But that moment,
I thought it wasn't because I hadn't paid the bill since I still able to online on 17th morning.

On 18th April,
I went to library.
I tried to online there.
I failed too.

Yesterday morning,
I paid my bill.
I found that I was able to online again!

It's really because I hadn't paid the bill.

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