Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Sem 6 Recap (2)

I took my first elective paper this semester.
I selected Cosing in Specialized Industry.

I didn't think of taking this paper before.

But I still select it.


Mr. Abdul Halim.

I met him once in his class.
I like his teaching style.
I didn't have the faith to be his student that time.
My lecturer replaced by other lecturer that time.

After 4 semesters,
I wished I would have change to be his student.

The luck is on my side!
He is my lecturer for Costing in Specialized Industry.
I was so happy when I saw him stepping into the class.

I enjoy his classes very much.
I still remembered the first class.
He explained to us what is costing.
The way he teaches is really different then other lecturers in UUM.

He told us the concept of KNOW and UNDERSTAND.
I am impressed.
He is really the lecturer that I am looking for.

I missed some of his classes due to some reasons.
I feel sorry about that.

I registered Issues in Managerial Accounting for next semester.
I wish he could be my lecturer again.

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