Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Sem 6 Recap (1)

I came back to Penang yesterday.
My 6th semester is coming to an end.
I am going to write about overall of what have been happening in this semester.

In overall,
I enjoy this semester than previous ones.

I might want to thanks my friends who have been spending time with me in this semester to make my life interesting.

I changed a lot this semester.
There are good changes,
and there are bad changes as well.
But I think the good ones is more than the bads.

In this semester,
I registered for 7 papers initially.
I dropped one paper, Forensic Accounting.

I am having few 'killer lecturers' this semester,
so, I decided to drop Forensic Accounting,
which is taught by 'killer lecturer'.
Besides of the lecturer,
there is a people that I dislike in the class.
I dropped it to prevent myself from disliking that class.

Thus, I end up taking 6 papers in this semester,
which are:
1. Accounting Theory and Practice
2. Costing in Specialized Industry
3. Integrated Case Study
4. Company Law
5. Business and Professional Communication
6. Accounting System Analysis and Design

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