Wednesday, 21 April 2010


In these few weeks,
I am suffering in something,
a things that I don't expect I will fall into. (don't worry, it's not drug, smoke or anything)
I don't have any confidence when could I really get out of it.

But it let me realize a lot of things.

There are really things that fall beyond our control.
I don't expect I will fall into this.
And previously,
I claimed that those who fall into this is because of their low capability.
But now only I realized,
it's really hard to control it.
I am experiencing this,
which people won't understand unless he/she is experiencing it as well.
(of course I hope it won't happen on anyone)

the thing I realized is much more than what I am able to express here.
But what I can say here is,
whatever it is, let it be.
There are a lot of things which are useless for us to care about.
There are also a lot of things that we should let go.

Why don't we choose living happily in stead of sadly,

Since few years ago,
I define LIFE as,
living happily by doing the things we like to achieve our goals.

I was saying that doing the things we like is the most important.
By doing the things we like, we will feel happy.
By doing the things we like, we can achieve our goals better.

read the definition again,
living happily by doing the things we like to achieve our goals.
I realized a thing that I didn't notice before.

There are 3 elements here as I always say.
(i) Living happily
(ii) Doing the things we like
(iii) Achieve our goals

Living happily come first before doing the things we like and achieve our goals.
That should be the sequence!
The first thing we need to do is to live happily!
And then followed by doing the thing we like.
Lastly, it only comes to achieve our goals.

It doesn't matter if we live happily and do the think we like,
even we don't achieve our goals.

And, as long as we live happily,
even we aren't doing the things we like,
I don't think it's a big matter as well.

Doing things we like and achieving goals,
are just like an additional colour to our life.

It's just like a car.

Living happily is just like traveling to a place.
The number one mission of a car is to help you traveling to the place you want.
Others things aren't really important as long as you able to get into the place you want to.

Doing things we like is like having a air-conditional in your car.
It will only make you feel more comfortable.

Achieving our goals are like driving in a great cars like, Mercedes, BMW etc.
It make us feel better internally.

So, what's the most important for a car?
Get yourself to the place you want to!
Others are just the add-on.


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