Friday, 26 September 2008

My 3rd Semester In UUM - Part 2


In the beginning of the semester, I was motivated by my goal. I had done several things in order to motivate myself.

Before the semester start, I started to try gathering some notes that I need in this semester. Luckily, I knew one new senior, and she gave me a lot of notes. Thank to her, I started to study before my friends.

I couldn’t forget how motivated I was during that time. However, if compare to my ‘Golden Period’, it wasn’t motivated enough. Therefore, I tried several ways to motivate myself. I think that the people around me will say I have changed a lot in this semester. Yes, I am. I brought notes to classes and I made revision after classes. I didn’t want to waste any second.

However, I am not so for now, after I have lost my motivation.

At the first day of going back UUM in this semester, I prepared as usual and go by bus as usual. After I reached there, I went to register in my hostel. Previously, our hostel is called as college and now it’s DPP. Well, guess what is the first thing I saw in my room? It was cockroach. It brought my mood down.

It’s something difference in this semester, I had been people’s senior. That’s excited. Is it so? I don’t know.

2 days before the classes started, my friend asked me to help her and her friends. They were new students. What they need my help? Haha, I have become their tourism guide. They showed me their timetable and I told them where the classes are. That’s quite fun actually. Want to be senior? Haha

The schooling day finally started again. The first week is very special, a week that we get to know who are our lecturers. And it was add/drop week. What is add/drop week? It’s a week for us to drop off the subject if we don’t want that and to add subject that we want. My friends and I were planning to do the add/drop because our timetable is very ‘stupid’.

When thinking of add/drop week, the first thing came into my mind is ‘foolish’. I couldn’t forget the moment. A asked us to go B and B ask us to go C. We went here and there for more than 10 times, just to make change of a subject! 10 times! Were us being played?

Among the 6 subjects I am taking in this semester, I think Auditing left me the most memory. The first time the lecturer came into class, he asked us to find a journal do a report and present the journal. He required for top 5 journal. But, he asked us to do 3 journals thereafter. Initially, I didn’t think of it’s hard. When I was working on it, oh my God, that’s a tough job! I didn’t really understand all the journals. Then I just simply did it. When my friends and I presented, we just presented about 2 or 3 minutes, and he said that’s enough. Haha.

I had thought before that I wanted to drop that subject. However, I didn’t suggest my friends to do so because that lecturer had really high knowledge. I wished to get some from him. Nowadays, most lecturer just concern about the syllabus, they don’t care about other things, especially the current issue. And my audit lecturer talked a lot regarding current issue and he really knows much about it. He talked about sub-prime crisis to us at the first class.

His, Rohami Shafie, the highest knowledge lecturer that I ever met in UUM.

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