Saturday, 28 July 2007

Know Thyself

In this competitive age, humans are trying to know others in order to be better than others. We try to define what’s others’ weaknesses and attack on their weakness. But, many people forget about something, they forget to value one important people, ourselves.

It’s important to know thyself. We should define our strengths and weaknesses. There are 4 types of people:

  1. People who know their strengths and weaknesses.
  2. People who know their strengths but don’t know their weaknesses.
  3. People who don’t know their strengths but know weaknesses.
  4. People who don’t know their strengths and weaknesses.

Of course, the person who has the higher possibility to succeed is the first type and the forth type person will has the lower possibility

It’s important to know what our strengths are so that we are able to fully utilize our strength. If someone who is talented in chemical work as engineer, is that sound his talent has been wasted?

Knowing our own strength isn’t enough. We are necessary to know our weaknesses too. If possible, we should overcome our weaknesses. But, we are humans; no-one is able to be a perfect human. It’s impossible to be a human which has no weakness. Some of our weaknesses are unable to overcome, but we are also need to know it so that we won’t let the weakness to make us in trouble.

Strength can be described as a striker in a football team; it helps us to make attack, to defeat others. Weakness is the defender; it helps to defend the attack made by the opponent. Knowing both strength and weakness is very important. A team without striker won’t win the match and a team without defender will scored a lot by opponent.

So, have you defined your strikers and defenders?


  1. hi! my name is maka, i'm from Chile, so i'm sorry for my bad english (i'm doing my best), but, i have a question..
    why do you do ask those questions??
    any reasons??

    anyway , sorry, but i had to ask..

    hace a nice day, bye!

  2. This is a very new blog. Keep it going!

  3. 到此一游,要友情连接吗?

  4. inside my blog, i am used to using question. this is not acquire viewers to answer me, but to answer yourself. the purpose i am doing this is to help viewers.

    such as, i ask whether have you known your striker (strength) and defender (weakness), i am actually hope the viewers to think whether have they known their strength and weakness? if they don't, i do hope they can know it as soon as possible.

    and lastly, thanks for viewing my blog.

  5. hi kean hooi !
    you're the person i think you are right ?

  6. hi kean hooi
    sorry for the blur comment.hehe
    you're from ipg rite ?
    seen you at the cinema before one =l

  7. lol.. haha..
    i dunno yet..
    but im sure i will find it out soon..
    perhaps maybe when i finish my study and start working...

    that time i will know wad's good for me and wad's bad for me...

    however.. i do know that wad is my goal.. and it is to live happily...

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