Friday, 3 August 2007

Define own weakness

Humans like to critic others but protect themselves. When something happened, a lot of people start to blame others. Whether they are correct or wrong, they will try to find excuse to blame others.

Blaming others is one of the worst things which we do. We shouldn’t blame on others actually, we should find out what’re our mistakes and weakness.

After we defined our weaknesses, what should we do? Finding excuses for the weakness? A failure person is always finding excuse while the success person finds reasons. So, remember! Define your weakness and find where the problem is and try to solve it!

It is correct that we are unable to overcome all the weakness, but we must at least try to overcome it. We are used to hearing people saying, ‘I don’t want to speak English, my English is poor.’ Because our English is poor, that’s why we should speak more. We might be laughed by others when we speak English wrongly, but, do you ever think that what will happen if you remained the same for 20 years? It is still reasonable you can’t speak well now. How about 20 years later? Is it still reasonable?

But of course we aren’t able to repair all the weaknesses. We are humans. Once we are humans, we aren’t able to be perfect. Nobody is able to be a perfect man. Although we can’t repair all our weaknesses, it is necessary for us to define our weaknesses. Why we need to do so? If we know our weaknesses, we can try to avoid from making mistakes with out weakness. We can see that a lot of people making stupid mistakes again and again, and these stupid mistakes cause humans to regret for life.

In order to success, we should maintain not to lose before we try to win others. Knowing our own weaknesses is one of the most important things that we should do to make sure we won’t lose to others.

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