Friday, 10 August 2007


After being the world richest man for 13 years, Bill Gates is no longer world number 1. His position has been taken by a Mexican, Carlos Slim.

Well, some say the Mexican is tremendously smart. Some say that is incredible and unexpected. But, actually this should be an incident within expectation. Nobody can be champion all the time. No-one is perfect, therefore nobody is able to stay champion all the time. Even is the champion is very smart and hardworking, he will be taken by others as well. After a champion staying in champion for a period of time, he will definitely lose some spirit. Nobody is in front of him; he has no target to chase. Compare to the second one, he has number one in front of him, he has a clear target to chase.

Target is an important factor in everything. If you want to book for a plane ticket, are you able to make the booking if you don’t know where you want to go? Absolutely can’t, right? We can only book it when we know where we are going. Same thing happens in our life, a person with target will seem to be having more spirit than the one don’t have, because they know what they want and what they should do to achieve what they want.

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