Saturday, 18 August 2007


I have just watched a movie, secret, acted by Jay. It’s totally a nice movie. I actually don’t really like to watch love movie. But, this movie is nice! I like it very much! I would recommend you all to watch it. But, if it’s not nice, don’t blame me.

Jay is really a great man. He can sing, make song, act, make story and director as well. Initially, I don’t expect much from this movie because it is new for Jay to be the director and story writer. But after I watch, I feel very satisfy. I would give 4 marks out of 5 marks.


  1. well....
    Jay was really talented but...
    he said before that...
    those peoples who like korean singers or jappanese singers or actor, actress or sumthing like that,
    was an idiot.
    He was really bad saying that.

  2. haha... nice meh ??
    i guess only those ppl that siao jay will like nia..

    personally i think it is normal nia..

    is he trying to show his skill nia ? haha..
    summore a lot of unlogic part.. haha..

    but i do like the way he play piano..