Wednesday, 22 August 2007

The Movie, Secret.

This is the second time I write about this movie. This time, I am going to say about why I like this movie.

1. The love story. I feel the love story is sweet.

2. The story is unexpected. At the beginning of the story, it looks very simple. But, in the end, I was surprised of the complicated story. At the part that Jay knew that others didn’t see Xiao Yu, I thought she was a ghost, I guess a lot people think as me.

3. There are a lot of questions occurred. There are several parts I don’t understand of it after I watched it. I understood more after I watched the second time. I will post few questions below. If you are interested, you may give your opinions.

4. The movie is touch.


1. Who is able to see Xiao Yu?

2. Had Xiao Yu Died?

3. How come Xiao Yu will faint?

4. The notes can help people to travel over how many years?

If your answer for question 1 is Jay, you are definitely wrong.

If your answer for question 2 is yes, then, how come Jay may meet her after he went back to find Xiao Yu?

If your answer is no, then, what happened after she fainted? How come Xiao Yu is ok when Jay back to find her?

If your answer for question 3 is asthma, you may right, you may wrong. I am not very sure of this yet.

If your answer for 4th question is 20, how come Jay will meet Xiao Yu back?

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