Wednesday, 7 March 2012

I Am Not Belonging To Audit

I didn't post about my moody mood recently. I used to post about my feeling in my blog last time, especially when I feel down. Today, here is my moody post again.

I actually don't really wish to post about negative mood in my blog. But, I am feeling quite down and frustrating. I wish to look for a person to talk to, but I couldn't find anyone that can let me to talk to in the way of very comfortable. So, just trying to express myself in my blog.

This week I was assigned for an important job. It is the largest company I ever handle for my audit work. I posted this in my FB yesterday: "Going to start today's audit soon. It's important task for me. It may cause my confidence to raise or collapse. Go go go! Go for the best!"

Well, sadly, it collapsed me today. I thought I could perform better, but I still failed too. I am still weak.

I left office at around 7.45pm tonight. When I was on my way back home, I thought of a person. Always, when I feel so down and frustrating, I hope to chat with that person. But nowadays, the chance to chat with that person is quite low. That person plays an important role in my life before. I was motivated by that person a lot. Motivation that I mean here, a real motivation. Motivation that makes you feel that you have unlimited energy. There is one time 2 years ago, where I faced a very big trouble in which I need to cut down my investment. I chatted with that person and it turned my mood up. That person seems like understanding me a lot. Honestly, I wish that I could chat with that person at this moment.

Now, this is the first time I say publicly, that I am going to quit my current job. I have been thinking for a time. Am I right to choose to work in current boss? The boss is nice. But, the work isn't the thing I like. And now, as the work load is increasing and it started to affect my investment. I will never let anything to bring my investment down, so quitting is nearly confirmed. It's just the matter of time. When am I going to leave? It's going to be peak period for audit firm. If I quit in these few months, it will bring trouble to my boss and colleagues. The boss is nice! I shouldn't act like this. So, perhaps, I will quit after the peak period.

Now, I think I need to start thinking of my quitting plan as well as plan after quitting.


  1. You may talk to me!! :P
    Xiao Ann Ann

  2. Hope all these negative feelings will soon be gone.
    Cheer up, my friend! :)

    1. I am trying but yet, I fail to do so. :(