Thursday, 29 March 2012

Google Maps KL Traffic Info

Anyone of you are a fans of Google Maps.

Well. I am. I love to use Google Maps. It becomes one of my best tool to search for places. Last time when I went KL, it has become a great tool guiding me to the destinations I wanted too. As I tested on Google Maps before, the time consumed to walk from a place to another place is so accurate as my speed.

Today, Google Maps launched in Malaysia the traffic information. We can now check the traffic condition with Google Maps.

Red = heavy traffic
Yellow = slow moving
Green = smooth flowing.

It's a great thing, isn't it? However, it's now only available for KL area. I hope it will offer such information in Penang as well.


  1. I've been trolled by Google Maps a few times.. T^T... The last time I wanted to go to a place in PJ end up I arrived in Shah Alam... T^T

    1. Oh? Google Maps showed you the wrong way?

  2. Great tool to use, isn't it? Awesome!