Sunday, 6 May 2012

Cards That I Like

Today, I tried to tidy up my cupboard. And, suddenly, I saw some envelopes. Those are cards I received from my friend. I opened up it one by one to have a look and to recall my past. 

I feel thankful to those who have given me cards. I appreciate all. I will keep all the cards forever.

After seeing all the cards, some of the card made me recalling a lot of memories. Here are some card that I like it so much!

CARD NO.1: Birthday card for my 22 years old birthday

This is the card I like the most! It's a simple birthday gift, but i really like it too much! What's so special of this card?

See the PDI?

See the sentence 'Dunno what to give you this year, So I decided to buy a PDI shirt, hope to increase your shares.'

It's a very meaningful and special gift. This gift touches my heart!

CARD NO.2: STPM congratulation card

I got 4A for my STPM. It was the best academic result I ever got in my life. I never ever thought before that I can do so well in my academic. 

However, I still remember the moment very well. After getting result, most of my friends were going for celebration. I got a good result, I should be going to celebrate as well, right? I didn't. I went back home. Feeling that I was so lonely. 

But this card tells me that I am not alone.

CARD NO.3: 2009 birthday card

It's a simple card but surprising. I never expect to receive this birthday card. After I came back home from UUM, I saw this card. It surprised me A LOT!

CARD NO.4: Chinese New Year (2012) card from a blogger

Of course, never forget this one. It's a special ones as well. Familiar with this card? I posted it before. The post entitled 'The Year of Dragon'. I received this card from my blogging friend, a friend I never meet and chat before (except chatting through commenting in blogs). 

For cards that I don't post here, I hope the senders will not sad. I really love all the cards. I appreciate all your kindness, truthfully.


  1. Awww~~~ It's been a while since the last I received cards from friends. :)


    1. When's the last time you received? Now a days, wishes are sent by SMS and Facebook instead of cards ya.

  2. Haha~ the last one very familiar.
    hehe ^^

    1. Haha. Familiar huh. Of course la. Haha.

  3. I keep all the cards I received thru the years too. Still like those days where we write letter & send cards. E-cards somehow do not have that kind of personal touch :<

    1. Yea, agree. The traditional cards touch our heart more.

  4. So nice. I will be very happy and touched if I have received those cards too =D

    1. Haha. You have this card:

    2. LOL haha !!! =D
      Yeah true !!!