Sunday, 13 May 2012

EPL 2011/2012 Final Round

Today is an exciting day for football fans! It's the final round for 2011/2012 EPL! 

It's not just the final round that makes people excited. Today's match will be deciding who is the champion of EPL this season. Both Manchester United (MU) and Manchester City (MC) are still having the same point. M.C. is leading with goal difference. So I guess, M.U. fans want to see M.U. wins tonight, and hoping that M.C fail to win the game.

MC's game is my concern, not because to decide who is the champion, but the relegation zone! M.C. is playing against QPR!

Those who follows my blog or Facebook would know, I am supporting QPR. I wish to see QPR in EPL in next season. Hope that it won't be relegated.

I know it's hard to hope for QPR match. Its opponent is too strong. So I hope that Stoke City could defeat Bolton or at least a draw. QPR is now 37 points while Bolton is 2 points behind. If Bolton fails to win the game, it will be relegated. 

Let's hope for the best for tonight!

Tonight's matches:

Chelsea vs Blackburn
Everton vs Newcastle
Norwish vs Aston Villa
Stoke vs Bolton
Sunderland vs MU
Swansea vs Liverpool
Tottenham vs Fulham
West Brom vs Arsenal
Wigan vs Wolves

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