Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Happy Labour Day 2012

Yeah! It's Labour Day! The MayDay! 


I believe a lot of people love this day as we don't need to go for work.

By the way? Do you know how the Labour Day comes? In most of countries, the Labour Day holiday starts with protest. They are fighting for labours' right, and now, we have Labour Day holiday. 

Yesterday, our Prime Minister brought a good news to some labours. Minimum wage policy was announced. Minimum wage in Peninsular Malaysia set to be RM900 per month or RM4.33 per hour. For East Malaysia, minimum wage is set to be RM800 per month or RM3.85 per hour. So, after this, no more wages with RM500, no more wages with RM700. I believe those whose wages are below RM900 will feel happy as their pay is going to be increased soon.

On the other side, perhaps some employers will start to have headache. As they need to pay more for the labours, higher cost incurred. How are them going to cover the cost? Are them going to pass the burden to the customers? Are them going to increase the workload for the labours? Or are them going to cut down the number of employees? And also, if they increase the wages for the labours below the minimum wages to RM900, how about those with wages of RM900? Are the employers going to increase their salaries as well?

Anyway, I am still waiting to see the more detailed announcement as there are still many questions in my mind.

1. Do the minimum wages includes allowances and commission?
2. Does the regulation apply to foreign labours?
3. How about for those students taking internship, does this regulation take place?


  1. I am looking forward for these details too..

  2. Happy Labour Day ya~ thanks for the info ya~ =D

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  3. Happy belated Labour Day, my dear! Interesting read you've got here :)