Tuesday, 29 April 2008

My 2nd Semester Life in UUM - Part 1

Time is really fast, I entered UUM mid of last year, and now, the second semester is going to end.

Let’s recall back my life of UUM in second semester.

The subjects I was taking in 2nd semester are:

  1. Financial Accounting 1
  2. Managerial Accounting 1
  3. Financial Management 1
  4. Elementary Statistics
  5. Hubungan Etnik (I am not sure what it is called in English)
  6. Business Law
  7. Sport Science (co-curriculum)

My time table are:


8 – 9.30a.m.: Business Law

12.30 – 2p.m: Elementary Statistics

2 – 4p.m.: Financial Accounting 1

8 – 11 p.m.: Financial Management 1


8 – 9.30a.m.: Hubungan Etnik

12 – 2p.m.: Managerial Accounting 1


8 – 9.30a.m.: Hubungan Etnik

12.30 - 2p.m.: Elementary Statistics

2 – 4p.m.: Financial Accounting 1


8 – 9.30a.m.: Business Law

12 – 2p.m.: Managerial Accounting 1

8.30 – 10.30a.m.: Sport Science

There is Self Development Group on Thursday. However, I went only once this semester.

Unlikely last semester, I have closer friends this semester. They are Chin Wei, Soon Guei, Wei Sein, Chen Lin and Lai Mei. I was really lonely last semester. So, this is really a great thing of me that I found friends that get me out from boredom. We call ourselves as Butterfly Gang.

to be continue...

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