Sunday, 1 June 2008

My 2nd Semester Life in UUM - Part 2

It took me for a time after I continue writing this. I was moody for a period of time, made me had totally no mood to update my blog. However, I am back now.

Let’s continue about my assignment.

I actually hope to handle the whole assignment by my own because I really love the assignment! It’s about accounting fraud. I believe my passion toward investment will bring me to obtain the fantastic mark in it.

But finally, I failed to do it my own. I had no confident to make the start up for the presentation. Therefore, I asked my friends to start up and present an accounting fraud and I continued the other one.

My friend presented the case of Parmalat while I presented the case of Megan Holding Berhad. I had some great information that nobody in my class would able to get it, such as I said about there is only 1% attendance in the general meeting. I got this information from a people who had attended it, I guess nobody will do this assignment until so detail, right? That’s the advantage of mine due to involvement of investment. I felt great of it.

After I finished presenting, I opened for Q and A section. Haha…. Nobody questioned me, I thought there was a person who would like to question me. Luckily he didn’t, I had made full prepare of this assignment. I dare to any challenge. Moreover, the company that his group presented is Transmile, another Malaysia listed company. I can asked until he failed to answer and catch his wrong points If I would like to. But since he didn’t question me, I didn’t want the war either.

It scared me for a while when my lecturer asked ‘can I ask question?’ ‘Of course,’ I said. Or should I say no? haha… dare not to. I was not afraid of any questions from students, but lecturer, I had a bit. She asked me what actually happened to that case. Oh my god! Was I presenting lousily? I failed to present what had been the company going wrong? My heart was broken! But, it’s good too, I continue saying the points that other people failed to get it. why I didn’t say in the presentation? Good question! I had no much time, 15 minutes for 2 cases, therefore, I tried to make it in Q and A section, luckily my lecture did ask question, otherwise, it wasted.

At the end, my group obtained full mark in this assignment. I felt really great! But there is one more group that got full mark too.

There are some photos of the process.

Preparing the slide show...

My friend is waiting for the slide show... just a minute... i am almost done..

The photo we took after rehearsal... i never made any presentation rehearsal before.. this is my first time...

It's going to start.....

My presentation....

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