Monday, 23 June 2008

It comes an end

I started this blog on 22 July 2007. I was hoping that I can express my feeling, my opinion trough my blog. But now, the number of my posts is getting low. It’s not I don’t to post, but because my feeling and mindset are getting more and more complicated. My brain is almost a mess. I really don’t know what am I thinking sometimes.

These two and half years, I have gone trough a lot of things. I have done a lot of things that I never thought I will done in the past. I have made some of greatest things in my life but of course there are decisions that I made which are the worst decisions that I have made. Sometimes, I don’t know what the following steps that I should take are. The worst thing is I spend plenty of time to make a simple decision.

My university life is going to start again. I don’t like my university life very much. I lost every motivation I get in there. But I have done something which I hope it can help me to motivate myself. And if it succeeds, I would happy too, it helps me to prove something too.

This will be my last post or last few posts in my blog. I am going to terminate my blog 2 months later, on 23rd August 2008. Thanks for every one that viewing my blog in these whole year.

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