Saturday, 7 June 2008

Badminton and I (1)

The last week in UUM is the week that the Thomas and Uber cup started. I have forgotten have I post regarding this in my blog before or not. Whether I have or I haven’t, I will write about badminton today.

I found that badminton is really the sport I love. I support Malaysia badminton team. For this year, I support Malaysia Uber team than Thomas team. I watched badminton since I am standard 2 I guess and I started playing it when I was standard 3. Since the first time I support Malaysia Uber team in year 2000, this year, Malaysa Uber team is the best team even for Malaysia. Malaysia is weak in women’s badminton, but they have been improving year by year. Malaysia number 1 woman player, Wong Mew Choo has really brought a hope to all Malaysians. Besides, Malaysia woman team has several players who are still young and has a high potential, such as Julia, Lydia, Khe Wei and Hui Lin.

I failed to watch any matches of Malaysia Uber team. I was trapped in UUM for examination. All the TVs in my hostel were unplugged. I had no chance to watch it. I rush back once I finished my examination. In the journey, I asked my friends to update the score for me. 10 minutes before I reached my home, I was informed that Malaysia second double had lost. Malaysia’s journey in Uber Cup 2008 ended. I was so sad.

I put a high hope in Thomas and Uber cup 2010. I plan to go support Malaysia. I wish I can make it!

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