Saturday, 7 June 2008

Badminton and I (2)

After I back from UUM, I play badminton always. I really love it very much!

I never played for a period of time, my badminton’s skill dropped a lot. I failed to make any smash now. My movement is getting weaker. It’s lucky that my strength, playing in front of net, isn’t dropping very much.

I was trying to fix my problem in this 2 weeks time, I have successfully fixed some, but there are still plenty of weaknesses for me to fix. However, I have learnt lot of things in these 2 weeks. The next time I am going to play is next Monday. I am resting now due to little injury. But I think I will able to fully recover it by Monday. I can’t wait the time to come. I have 3 more weeks of holiday. I hope I can play more. And I hope I can reach the level I hope to. I am not hoping I would reach a high level that can be any representative; I just hope I can play better than last time.

However, something worries me, could I able to afford the cost of badminton?

Shuttlecock – RM2.50/ piece

Rental of court – RM5/hour (weekday before 5p.m.), RM6 (weekday after 5p.m./Saturday), RM9 (Sunday, public holiday)

For every 2 hours I played, the total expenses are around RM20. That’s lot!

I am currently in cutting my expense, but the badminton is increasing my expense. But, it’s ok, badminton is now my only hobby, it worth. I am sorry to badminton of playing very few in these 2 years. But, I will continue playing more in these following days.

~Happy always with badminton~

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