Sunday, 8 June 2008

Badminton and I (3)

Khe Wei/ Hui Lin won the gold medal in Sukma while Julia defeated Lydia in woman single’s final. These are 4 new hopes for Malaysia in Uber Cup 2010. Among all the youngsters, I support Khe Wei the most, I hope he can be world top double player. However, she is more expert in mix double. Khe Wei will be partner with Sook Chin in Singapore and Indonesia’s opened. I hope they can enter quarter final.

In the coming Singapore open, our country’s Lee Chong Wei has a great chance to win the title due to the absence of Lin Dan. Lin Dan’s performance has dropped a little bit, I hope Chong Wei can win in Singapore, Indonesia and of course in Olympic.

Lee Wan Wah and Chong Tan Fook probably will be joining the Olympic for the last time, I wish them all the best, hope that they will win medal in double.

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