Monday, 2 June 2008

Oh my god! My former club

I went back my former club’s anniversary last night. It was really lousy. Or I should ask, “is that an activity?” My former club is getting worse year by year. I couldn’t imagine how will it be after 5 years. I might be one the cause of bringing up the wrong people. When I was the leader of servicing department, I organize a plan named ‘new service member plan’ I put in 7 potential new members into the plans. I put in 4 people to guide them. I personally guide 2 people. Out of the 7 people, there is only 1 left when they were form 4. That person is the former chairman and my good friend, Henry. When I leading that plan, Henry was the last choice in the 7 people and he came to be the first choice and the only choice. What made me feel better is he did a great job in the club.

If I list out the people that I brought up, the successful rate is less than 5%. Ends up, AWS (my former club) ended with the failure. I hope to help them, but, I have no way. I had secretly taught few of the members inside the club of what they can do to back to the previous AWS which is a powerful club. But, they are end up of quit AWS or don’t obey me. Plenty of people around me left AWS or choose to be staying passive. Lot my best friends in the pass, Maurice, Jue Hann, or even my brother, all choose not to put effort in AWS, maybe they have known that AWS has no future?

I have witness 3 AWS anniversary. The chairmen for the threes are Zi Hur, Henry and Chin Keong. The previous two isn’t very successful, but, at least there are some outcomes. Zi Hur’s anniversary had a loss, but, the event still running quite well, only it’s not fair for the normal member of AWS. Henry’s anniversary don’t have loss and even able to organize a celebration. But this time, the anniversary is really terrible. If I was the chairman, I might fire myself off.

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