Tuesday, 12 January 2010

My Gang

Suddenly think of writing about my friend gangs that I had/have.
I wish to write about my primary school friends,
but sadly,
I don't have the pictures.

F3 of Amateur Wireless Society

[Me & Zi Hur]

[Zi Hur & Jeng]

I knows Jeng during primary school, and I know Zi Hur during form 2 through our society, AWS. He was promoted in the AGM together with me during form 2.

That year, three of us are promoted together.
If that didn't happen,
I think the F3 of AWS won't appear.

Daimond 3 of AWS

[Henry , Me & Soony]

AWS again.
Suddenly realise that AWS brings me a lot of friends.
I was invited to be an advisor after I moved to MBS to study my form 6.
Three of us worked hard for AWS.
We enjoy the moment we work for AWS.

In that 1 to 2 years time,
I experience a lot of things in AWS which I never experienced befor during I am in the commitee board.

After Henry left AWS,
Three of us still be together,
We hang out together,
play together,
and we went Malacca together.

Daimond three,
for me,
is the greatest gang I ever had in my life.

Whooi Meen & friends

[Kah Sing, Hui Xian, Me, Lee Chien, Whooi Meen & Siew Wern]

They are friends that I felt happy as well.
When I had Daimond 3 as my gang,
I had this gang as well.

They brings me joy.
When I was with them,
I could keep laughing.

I remember,
there is one day,
Soony was with me when I was with this gang.
Soony saw a different type of me,
which I was a childish person.

Butterfly Gang

[Back: Lai Mei, Wei Sein, Chin Wei & Chen Lin]
[Front: Me, Soon Guei & Wei Loon]

This is my university gang.
Butterfly gang was formed during semester 2.
We always together that moment.
We did assignment together.

I didn't need to worry about forgetting my assignment.
They always remind me.
And sometimes,
they helped me to do my assignment.

Thanks to them

My Junior Friends

[Me, Li Pei & Fu Yong]

On 3rd July 2009,
I met them with another few people.
I brought them around UUM,
I showed them their classes.

That moment,
we are only senior and junior.

Here comes Accounting Hunt.
I invited Fu Yong and Li Pei to join my team.
And we wont the first place!

Wow! So happy that day!

After the Accounting Hunt,
we get closer.
Thanks to Accounting Hunt.

How far can we go?
May our friendship forever.

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  1. it's always fun back in high school..
    once we're done with it.. it will also come back as a wonderful memory =)