Thursday, 28 January 2010

A Tough Journey but I Will Continue

The take over of Lcorner created a lot of problems to me.

I don't have enough sleep.
I didn't do my assignment.
I didn't prepare for classes.
I failed to concentrate in class.
I fall into financial problems.

And worst,
I lost my friends.
My friends disappointed on me.

One question arose in my brain.
Am I making the wrong decision?
Will I regret of this decision.

I came out with my answer.
It's useless for me to regret.
Everything happened had happened.
it's not the matter whether I regret it or not,
we can't change the history.
What's the matter now is that,
how am I going to deal with it.

Yes, many friends disappointed of me.
But many people supports me as well.

Don't look this matter as the worst.
In this case,
it has showed me who are the friends who are really support me.

To those who are supporting me all the time,

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