Monday, 4 January 2010

A debut for assigment in year 2010

I started to do my first assignment of this year.
It was assignment from my Accounting Theory and Practice.
My lecturer is the so-called 'killer lecturer'.
She gave use one individual assignment and one group assignment.
We got only 2 days to complete 2 assignment,
in which,
the group assignment is a little bit tough.
She really has shown us her 'killing'.
I am able to finish it.

My friends asked me, why don't I dropped that paper and take it next semester so that I wouldn't meet 'killer lecturer'.
The previous me,
I will of course dropped it I think.
But now,
I think I should just learn how to avoid,
I should be a flexible person who can fit into any circumstance.

I actually feel that she be so is just for our own good.
So, I decided to go on.

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