Monday, 11 January 2010

'Change' & 'The Rebound of LuPorTi'

My theme for last year is 'Change'.
And this year,
my theme is 'The Rebound of LuPorTi'.

If I comparing last year to this beginning of year.
It obviously seems like this year is better.
I set the theme of 'Change' for last year,
but it seems like happening quite late.
It seems to start happen this year.
I change a lot now.

I spoke nothing in last Accounting Theory and Practice class.
I was worried that I remain silent again today.
I try to prepared myself.
Finally, the outcome satisfy me.

In one question the lecturer asked,
she gave me 4 out of 5 marks,
while gave 1 mark for the other person.

I am quite happy with this.

I hope the CHANGE will continue and make it THE REBOUND OF LUPORTI!

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