Thursday, 21 January 2010

What a wonderful day!

It is 1.25a.m. now,
I failed to get into sleep yet.
Maybe there are too many things wandering around my mind.

many things happened.
It was an interesting day.

The day started with a moody day.

I skipped my class for the first time in this semester due to my mood.

I had 3 challenges/worries actually.

1. I was going to negotiate with my SDG mentor. I was really worry. I didn't really negotiate this kind of things before. As people know me, I am a person who scare to speak especially in such situation. Well, I might thanks to her. She is he one who makes me have the gut to do so.

2. I had a presentation. I didn't really prepare well. Moreover, the topic to be presented, isn't my expertise field.

3. I had a group discussion. I seriously don't like that paper. And, I didn't get very well with my groupmates yet.

I really worried.

Fortunately, all three went very smoothly.
Or I would say, very greatly.
I am really happy with it.

At night,
one crucial things happened!

The deal was done!
I took over Last Corner Forum.

What an interesting day.
Tomorrow, I think I wouldn't have much energy due to lack of sleep.
Moreover, I didn't prepare for my class yet.
that's not a problem,
it's a challenge!

LuPorTi, Go!

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