Wednesday, 27 January 2010

My Forth Presentation in 6th Semester

when say about presentation,
I will afraid of it.

I present just once each semester.

In this semester,
just one month time passed,
I have presented four times.
Today is the forth.

I started to read what's is it about on this presentation last night.
I really didn't know how to present actually.

my friends were going to present it.
But, at last,
I volunteer to take over the job.

I woke up at 7a.m. because I sleep very late at midnight.
I rush to class to make for my final preparation.
there are something that I still had totally no idea how to present it!
Oh No!
The lecturer entered the class!
I scared I would be the first group to present.
I was the fifth.
During the first four presentation,
I was thinking non-stop of how to present it.
I figured it out!
I wasn't as nervous as previous.

After my presentation,
I saw my lecturer clapped hand!!!!
I saw it!!
And she said great.
After I back to my place,
she told me that the presentation was interesting!
Normally, other people will present in the other way,
but, I am different.
I am so happy!

I had done four presentations so far.
I got compliment from lecturers in 3 of them.
Another one,
very bad.

Practice makes perfect.
It's really true.
I feel that I have improved comparing the past.

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