Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Borrow a book from library

I went to library.

I saw a book and I am interested.
The book entitled 'The Complete Guide to Investing in REITs'.
I decided to borrow it.

I went down to the machine to make the borrow.
The machine seemed to be having some problem.
I felt that something might happened.
I went to the machine which allow us to check our borrowing.
It stated that I had borrowed that book.

I was going out.
The alarm rang,
it means that I wasn't borrowing the book.
The guard asked me to go the the counter.

I went to the counter.
there is some problems there.
the officer had to brought me out.

What did I feel on this?

Angry with the system?


I feel satisfied actually.

How come?
The system is troublesome and I am feeling satisfying?

The service from the officer is nice.
He is very polite and friendly.

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