Thursday, 7 January 2010

A Bad Day?

it started with making a bad dream about my brother.
It was really a bad start.

After I got up,
I found that I started to have sore throat.
This is the second bad thing.

don't know why,
I thought my class was at 9a.m.
So, I took bus at 8a.m. and reach after 15 minutes.
After the bus departed, only I recalled that my class was at 9.30a.m.
What happened to me?

Talk about my Accounting Theory and Practice class.
I liked that classes actually.
As I said in my blog previously,
I was active in classes.
I never such active except for my English lesson with Mr. Krishna.

But, today,
I really disappointed.
I speak nothing.
It's actually in my expectation.
I don't really have a clear mind on today topic.
I really disappointed.

I seriously need to WORK HARDER!


  1. well well well..
    ur day isn't worst lar...

    let's think something positive:
    like old people used to say, dreamz are owaz opposite to the reality.

    1. u dreamt of bad thing on ur bother this might mean ur brother will have gud thing lor..

    2. ur class was 9.30 but u tot it was 9 so u reached school at about 8.15. well, u shud feel lucky that at least u're not late for the class, rite?

    3. u said u're not active in ur favourite classes. aiyaaa...if u too noisy might give ur lecturer a bad impression mahh, sometimes need to be quite a bit pun mahh...

    4. this isn't a bad day actually, cause the day let u noe u needa work harder now...A-HA..that's a lesson~

    see...things change if u change ur point of view =)

  2. haha..
    I will learn that as lesson.. hehe..