Tuesday, 16 March 2010

We Fail Only when We Give up

I have just finished another presentation of mine.

I actually worried about that presentation.
I didn't prepare well.
I found out something that we have done wrongly.

I met a friend when I was having my lunch.
I told him that I was in trouble.
I was really worrying of the presentation.

Before I left,
I told him that I had to depend on "on-spot-performance" already.

When the lecturer assigned the presentation part to us,
I got even more worry.
I was assigned the part that I had some problems with it!


My group member noticed that I was in nervous.

here come the main thing I want to talk about.
I kept thinking,
reading the question again and again,
trying to search for a better solution.

I always tell my friends,
there is no wrong answer,
it is just the matter how you are going to link your answer to the right position.

my presentation was over.
I quite happy with presentation today.
I enjoyed it.

The outcome of the presentation isn't the thing I want to mention in this post.
My point here is,

Every problem come with the solution.
What we need to do,
is to seek for it.

The moment we say,

"I can't solve the question."
"There isn't possible for me."
"I am not capable to solve it."
"It's beyond my capable."

That's the moment we fail.
Or better to say, we decided to fail.

As long as we don't give up,
nobody will know who is the winner at the end.

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