Friday, 19 March 2010

Anger on Myself

I felt angry on myself in past two days.
I disappointed on myself.

For a long time,
I am telling myself not to waste much time.
In fact,
I am still wasting a lot of time.
End up,
I have to rush for a lot of things when the due date for the tasks are coming.

Until today,
there are still a lot of assignments on my hand.
It's already make me very rush of it.

How about my investment?
How about my Y2010 Reading Mission?

It's all "THANKS" to me of wasting to much time in the past!

If this continue,
I think I should stop surfing in Facebook and chatting in MSN.

I have 24 hours from now to settle my things in Penang before I am going back to UUM tomorrow.

I hope I will appreciate the 24 hours time.

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