Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Crowded in Bank

I went to library after class.
I met a friend.
He told me that we wouldn't able to register for classes today if we didn't pay the bus fare.

At that moment,
I have some friends waiting at the bank to pay the fare.
there are about 200 more people waiting ahead them!
200 people!
Can you imagine how long is the queue?

I asked our student representative whether was that the truth.
He told me that they were still having discussion with Academic Affair Department.

I went to join the crowd.

When I reached the bank,
the current number is 1500,
while the awaiting customer number is up to 2200.

my friends gave me their number,
My number was 1600+.

I was in the bank for about 2 hours to settle the payment.
I guess that's the longest time ever that I have consumed in a bank in my life.

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