Friday, 16 November 2012

Penang Bridge International Marathon Race Kit

In less than 2 days time, Penang Bridge International Marathon (PBIM) is kicking start. I am feeling excited. It's my first time joining PBIM.

Yesterday, I went Queensbay Mall to collect PBIM race kit.

Here is it.

Check out the running clothes. It's green in colour. It looks quite bright ya. 

Inside the kit, they provide also a runner's guide book.

I was checking out the guide book to look for something.

Yea, this is that I am looking for, the water station.

They states the location of water station where the drinks were provided. 

Event schedule was provided in the guide book as well.

1.15 am - various performance at Full Marathon starting point
2.00 am - start of Full Marathon
3.00 am - start of Half Marathon (Men)
3.15 am - start of Half Marathon (Women)
4.07 am - estimated finishing time of top half marathon runners (1:07 hours)
4.17 am - estimated finishing time of top full marathon runners (2:17 hours)
6.00 am - start of 10km Run (Junior)
6.30 am - start of 10km Run (Open)
6.47 am - estimated finishing time for top 10km Runner (47 minutes)
7.00 am - start of Fun Run
8.00 am - arrival of VIPs
8.20 am - arrival of Penang Chief Minister
8.30 am - arrival of Penang Governor
8.40 am - cultural dance performance / speeches
10.00 am - end

For winner's price collection and presentation, it will be held at:-
6.30 am to 8 am : half marathon 4th to 15th place
7.30 am : full marathon [4th - 15th], half marathon veteran [1st - 3rd], 10km Run (junior) [1st - 3rd]
8 am to 9 am : 10 km Run 4th to 15th place
8.40 am to 10 am: Top 3 for the remaining categories

Some others free gifts / vouchers are also being given in the race kit.

And this is the most important thing.

Yea, the number. D06216, hope this can be my lucky number.


  1. I miss running on the bridge!! Which category are you joining?

    1. Oh, too bad, this year is going to be the final year for running the old Penang Bridge. I joined 21km.

  2. all the best! i didnt join this year :X