Saturday, 10 November 2012

One More Week: Penang Bridge International Marathon 2012

Opps! Checking back my blog post, the previous post was dated 18 October 2012. It was nearly one month ago. I am so sorry for leaving my blog so lonely for so long.

Check out on calendar. 

Another OPPS!

It's already 10 November! Next week is going to be Penang Bridge International Marathon!

Due to raining season, I have not been doing my training for so long. I couldn't imagine how will my performance be. I hope I could manage to complete it. As this is the first time I join Penang Bridge marathon, I don't expect to have wonderful result. I set my target as 3 hours. Can I make it? Well, I will know it next week.

The goodies redemption started today. The goodies can be collected on 10th, 11st, 14th, 15th and 16th November. On 10th, 11st, 14th and 15th, the counter will be opened from 10am to 9pm. For 16th, the counter will be closed at 6pm.

During redemption, we need to show our I.C or passport. We can assign our friends to collect it as well, but we need to give them copy of official receipt for verification purpose.

I was checking Penang Bridge International Marathon website just now to sign up something interesting.



I have signed up and linked to my Facebook. If not mistaken, the live result will be directly posted in my Facebook. Wow. That seems interesting. 


  1. How was the marathon?

    1. I performed bad. But I gain a wonderful experience. Going to blog it tomorrow.