Thursday, 18 October 2012

OSKIC 2012 Seminar @ USM

2 days ago, on 16th October, OSKIC organised an investment seminar in USM. I attended. The previous time I attend seminar organised by OSKIC was back on year 2010. It was organised in KL last time. This year, they came to Penang. For sure, I will not miss the opportunity to attend.

I departed at 6.45am. As I was travelling by bus, I needed to depart earlier. I reached USM at 8.30am and my friend brought me to Cahaya Siswa where the seminar was held.

The registration started at 9am.

The response was great!

The hall is full.

At 9.30am, the seminar started.

OSK sent the head of research, Mr. Shin Kao Jack to be the speaker of the day. Mr. Shin Kao Jack has been with OSK since 2002. He is quite a experienced analyst.

He covered two main topics in his talk:-
1. How to evaluate a company
2. The life as an analyst

I believe it's quite a good lesson for the beginners to get to know what are the main elements to consider when evaluating a companies, such as competitive advantage and management. Mr. Shin mentioned also the common mistake that people always made, such as buying at the cycle peak.

In talking about life as an analyst, he told us what are the responsibilities and jobs done by analyst. While he was telling us, he inspired me. I felt motivated and excited. And now, I am feeling more energetic. Thanks to Mr. Shin.

After Mr. Shin's talk, here comes Kenneth. He was giving tutorial on how to use the OSKIC platform to trade. It was a good session for beginners who don't know about how to trade shares.

The seminar ended at 11.30pm and lunch was serves for us.

Similar 2 years ago, during the refreshment, I walked a round to talk to OSKIC staffs as well as the analyst.

Although I didn't talk much as in year 2010, It was fruitful as well. I was talking with Mr. Shin about rubber glove sector, Old Town, Asia Media, properties as well as palm oil.

At around 12.15pm, I left USM. I hope I could attend next year seminar as well.

2 more weeks to go for OSKIC 2012 competition to come to the end. Good luck to all the participants this year!