Monday, 6 September 2010

A Day with OSK Analysts

all the participants who came from outstation was gathered to have a photo session.

They were given a thumb drive too.


Why not 'WE'?
I was from outstation too!

Because I was not there.
I was at a place which was even more excited.

Here I was!
I was going a round to do some networking.

I talked to other participants.

more interestingly,
I walked around to talk with the analysts (the speakers).

I learned a lot from them.

They shared about some knowledge.
They shared about their experience.
They gave us some advices.

This is Siew Ting. (Is her name correct? Sorry about that.)
She was the speaker who talked about how to read the financial statements.
I thought she is from accounting background.
she isn't.
She studied engineering.
And she was on stage to talk about financial statements.
She is great.

This is Ahmad.
He is the analyst of Freight Management Holdings Berhad (FREIGHT).
I did follow his analysis.
I grabbed the chance to ask him further opinion for FREIGHT.

Ahmad is a friendly person.
I love talking with him.

I initially thought the analysts are at least 40 years old.
I was wrong.
OSK's analysts are normally at the range of 25 to 40 years old.

I am really happy to talk with them.
I feel so motivated after the seminar.

Thanks to OSKIC for organizing this seminar!

I hope they will continue to organize event for OSKIC participants.
I will attend again if they organize any event.
I will continue supporting OSKIC.

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