Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Happy Mooncake Festival

The line in my university is really terrible!

I saw many visitors wishing me for Mooncake Festival.
Due the the line problems,
I managed to reply to few people only.
Sorry for that.

I wish all my visitors a very Happy Mooncake Festival as well!

Just now,
I was thinking back to my past.

During my childhood,
I think I quite liked all the festival.
My neighbours, my cousins, my brother and I gathered together.
We celebrate festivals together.
I believe those moments are so great.

But now,
we celebrate very less,
or better to say rarely celebrate.

Last time,
we looked forward to the coming of festival because we can celebrate it.
I think the reason should be because of holiday.

Just now,
I suddenly felt so missed the past.
I suddenly felt that I wish to celebrate the Mooncake Festival so much.
I am in my university.
I failed to celebrate it.

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