Sunday, 5 September 2010

OSKIC Investment Tips Seminar

I reached on time and rushed for the registration.
It was on 11st floor of the OSK Plaza.

Let't register and get in the hall.

Quite a lot people ya.


The seminar was going to start.

Chris (head of research) took the kick-off as the first speaker.

He looks more handsome then what I thought.

One thing impressed me.
I initially thought Mr. Chris would appear with formal wear.
His wearing of casual made me felt that he tried to stay close to us.
That's really good.

Chris shared about what factors should we concern during the selection of shares.
He shared also some market prospects of September.

After him,
other speakers took turns to got up on stage.

There were 5 speakers in total.
Here are they.

Other speakers shared about:
1. how to read the financial statements
2. how to read analysts reports
3. analysts life in OSK research team

The seminar proceeded with a Q&A session.
Quite a number of questions came from the floor.
The speakers answered all the questions.

After the Q&A session,
refreshment was provided.

I took something to eat.
I forgot to have my breakfast,
because I was too rush.

Refreshment was the ending of the seminar.
the greatest thing had just started......

What had happened?
Stay tune.....